Activity 7: Good Practice Principles

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Activity 7 is a small group activity.

Participants have been asked to read the thematic introduction to the module before the beginning of the workshop in order to familiarise themselves with the Good Practice Principles (GPPs).

The purpose of this activity is (i) to use concrete statements from experienced lecturers to exemplify the GPPs; and (ii) for participants to understand the GPPs and start reflecting on how they might apply them to support lecturers in their teaching practices.

At the end of this part of the session, participants should be able to apply the GPPs as a framework for discussing the prerequisites for successful teaching and learning in the international classroom.


  • The facilitator very briefly recaps the GPPs (one slide).
  • The participants get the worksheet with four quotes from lecturers with experience in teaching diverse student cohorts.
  • In their small groups, participants are asked to discuss (i) how the quotes reflect the GPPs, and (ii) how they might translate one or more of the key messages in the quotes to very concrete teaching and learning activities.
  • The facilitator invites the small groups to take turns presenting the outcomes of their discussions and invites the members of the other groups to respond to these outcomes. It is advisable to split this into two rounds of reporting: (i) to establish the link between the GPPs and the quotes; (ii) to hear examples of how the content of the quotes may be translated into concrete teaching and learning activities.
  • The facilitator wraps up the activity by recapping the main points that have been articulated in the course of the discussions.
  • If this activity is part of the full EQUiiP programme, the facilitator should point out that the principle of the reflective practitioner feeds right into the Feedback and Reflective Processes module.

Resources needed

Activity 7 worksheet (a)


20 minutes for the discussions in the small groups, and 15-20 minutes for the reporting and debriefing in the large group. Altogether a 45-minute session.

Possible variations

Facilitators can choose quotes from local resources if/when such resources are available. Alternatively, as part of their preparation, participants can be asked to bring such resources themselves.

To save time, the facilitator can establish the link between the quotes and the relevant GPPs for each quote.

Depending on the time available, the small groups could discuss one or more of the quotes.

Group size can vary – anything from pairs to a maximum of 5 participants per group.

The quotes represent the positive approach – the opportunities in the international classroom. The facilitator may choose to use a case instead of the quotes. The cases from different local contexts – to be found under Further resources I – focus more on the challenges in the international classroom, but may also be used to exemplify the GPPs. If the cases are used, there is an alternative worksheet, Activity 7 worksheet (b), for this activity.