Activity 4: Internationalisation in your context – your agency

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Activity 4 consists of two steps: Firstly, participants are asked to respond individually to a set of statements. Secondly, this reflection leads into small group discussions.

The purpose of this activity is to allow participants to reflect on the “state of the art” regarding internationalisation, internationalisation at home, etc. and regarding internationalised teaching and learning within their own institution. This enables them to reflect on their agency in order to effect change within that institution.

At the end of this activity, participants should be able to situate themselves and their institution within the bigger picture of higher education internationalisation.


  • There is a worksheet for this activity. One sheet per participant.
  • Ask the participants to individually read the statements and respond to them by ticking one of the boxes on the Likert scale. 2-3 minutes.
  • Invite participants in small groups to compare their responses and discuss their similarities or differences: “Where do you have the same or different responses? Why?”
  • Wrap up in the large group, taking one statement at the time.

The format for this activity (assessing statements on a 5-point Likert Scale) allows participants to individually reflect on the state of affairs in their own university or department, and to compare their own assessment with that of their peers in the small groups. In this way, the activity moves the more abstract definitions in Activity 3 to a local and much more concrete level for the individual participants.

The Likert scale format allows the facilitator to wrap up discussions in the large group in a structured fashion by taking comments on each statement, one at a time.

Resources needed

Activity 4 worksheet


Approx. 15 minutes for discussion in the small groups. Debriefing in the large group by the facilitator may be flexible depending on how much time has been spent on the previous activity (activity 3)

Possible variations

This activity can also be organized with an online voting system like Mentimeter ( or Kahoot (