Activity 8: Wrapping up the module

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The purpose of this activity is to wrap up the module workshop, whether it is part of the full EQUiiP programme or a stand-alone workshop. It may also be used after some of the further resources have been used at the end of the workshop.


  • The facilitator shows the time-lapse video sketch that wraps up the content of this module. The video may be found at the end of this web page.
  • If there is time, participants are invited to discuss and comment on the module content and its application in their own local contexts.
  • Participants are then invited to reflect on the most important workshop outcomes for themselves individually and make a note of these outcomes for their own use (in their individual learning portfolios).

Resources needed

Time-lapse video sketch.


The timeframe for this final activity is flexible, depending on how much time is left in the programme. If the facilitator shows the video, at least 15 minutes in total should be set aside for the activity.

Possible variations

The facilitator can wrap up the workshop in a number of different ways, depending on his/her own preferences.

The time-lapse video sketch can also be used for a quick introduction to the international classroom if participants in other workshops have not already covered the content of this module.