Feedback & Reflective Processes

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Feedback & Reflective Processes (for teaching and learning in the International Classroom)

This module introduces a range of reflective tools and methods, which can be used to facilitate reflection by Educational Developers and teachers for the purpose of furthering their professional development for teaching and learning in the international classroom. 

The module gives participants the opportunity to experience and evaluate a number of reflective tools and methods. These tools and methods consist of individual- and group-based tasks, dialogue-based peer coaching, and writing activities.

After participants have experienced each method/tool, they will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the suitability and implementation of the respective method/tool to facilitate reflection and teacher’s competence development for the international classroom in his/her institutional context.

This Feedback & Reflective Processes Module provides a laboratory setting for participants to learn about and experience first-hand reflective methods and tools.

Target group

The target groups for this module are educational developers (EDs) as well as senior staff such as directors of study, course coordinators, and other leadership team members responsible for international programmes in their higher education institutions.

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and apply reflective tools and methods to be used in facilitating reflection in their institutional context to support the internationalization of study programmes and effective and appropriate teaching and learning in the international classroom;
  • Articulate their own values and beliefs with respect to ‘good teaching and learning’ in international programmes and articulate differences and similarities with other cultural, disciplinary or professional views;
  • Critically reflect on their own professional development to support internationalization of the curriculum and teaching and learning in the international classroom and plan steps to enhance their international and intercultural competence.


In the full EQUiiP Certification Programme for educational developers, the module is intended to be run as four 90 minute sessions. Each 90 minute session should follow each of the four other EQUiiP modules. By doing so, participants can apply in a timely manner the reflective tools and methods to content covered in the other four modules and the issues described in their own cases.  Further, participants can transfer immediate gains and insights into their learning portfolio.

If this module is a stand-alone one-day workshop, there are further resources that facilitate participants’ application of the content to their own local contexts.


In the right-hand menu you will find a thematic introduction to this module, suggested preparation, and workshop activities, including videos to be used for introduction and wrap up. At the bottom of the menu, you will also find further resources and suggested further reading.