Activity 6: Individual reflection

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Activity 6 is an individual reflection activity.

The purpose of this activity is for participants to reflect on the content of this first session and to consider what the most important points are for them, individually.

In order for participants to retain as much as of the content as possible, this reflection activity is added before the break.


  • Participants are invited to reflect on these questions:

          What are the most important points that you personally take away from this morning’s session?

          How can and will you use it in your own work?

And for participants in the full programme:

          How does it relate to the case of the lecturer that you have brought with you?

  • Participants are encouraged to write down the results of their own reflections (in their learning portfolio).

Resources needed

Not applicable.


3-5 minutes.

Possible variations

This is in essence an individual activity. In certain contexts, e.g. in a stand-alone workshop, it might make sense to invite participants to share their reflections in pairs, in the small group, or in the large group.