Further Resources: CEFRL/ Language Competence/ Assessment

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This is a supplementary reflective activity in pairs. It has the purpose of (i) providing participants with information about student language competence and (ii) getting participants to reflect on the impact of learning a discipline in a second language on the modalities of assessment in local HE contexts.


  • Participants are given the global scale of proficiency for second language use (Common European Framework) (5 minutes to skim read)
  • They are instructed to think about the different types of assessment of disciplinary learning in their HE context (oral, written etc.) and to think about the required language competence for student assessment. (10 minutes- to go deeper)
  • Discuss with a partner: where would you set the threshold for learning a discipline in a second language?
  • What will the impact on assessment be? (10 mins)
  • Plenary discussion

Resources needed

  1. Further resources PowerPoint presentation
  2. Further resources worksheet CEFRL

Room / space needed

The room, participants stay at their tables


25 minutes