Activity 7: Teaching and Learning Dilemmas

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Activity 7 is a case discussion in groups. It has the purpose of giving participants the opportunity to design guidelines for teachers in different contexts


Please refer to slides 57-63 of the Power Point presentation of this module.

  • Participants work in groups of four. Each group gets a set of cards describing a range of disciplinary/institutional contexts as well as two blank cards where they can write their own context, which they exchange with another group
  • The cards are then returned to the pile and shuffled. Participants draw one card at a time and discuss the contexts. For each one, they decide (a) what are the risks for language? (b) what are the opportunities? (c) what guidelines/support could you provide educators teaching in this context?
  • Once all the cards have been discussed, two group members can switch with two members of the group they previously exchanged cards with, and they can debrief on the situations from their own context.
  • Wrap-up as plenary – risks / opportunities / guidelines that emerge

Resources needed

  1. Activity 7 Worksheet Disciplinary (including blank cards)
  2. Pens


30 – 40 minutes

Participant number

Participants should work in groups of 4.