Activity 2: Video Description

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Activity 2 is a case discussion in pairs and groups. It has the purpose of getting participants to start thinking about the importance of language in the English Medium Instruction (EMI) classroom.


Please refer to slides 7-15 of the Power Point presentation of this module.

  • In the pairs resulting from Activity 1, the pairs sit down with one facing the screen and one looking away. The participant facing the screen watches the video without sound and describes what s/he sees to the other participant, who takes notes on the running commentary of the teaching and learning. (5 minutes)
  • Then, play the video again but with sound and then let participants discuss with another pair how language is involved and how it structures the lesson, asking them to make a list of all the vocabulary and actions related to language and to think about how language organises/structures the teaching and learning. (10 minutes)
  • You can then provide the groups with the transcript of the video, and give them a few more minutes to read it in groups and to include (if necessary) some more points in their lists (5 minutes)
  • Wrap up the activity. The main points that should be made are that language is everywhere and that language is really crucial in the classroom.

Resources needed

  1. Activity 2 Transcript
  2. Screen & projector
  3. Computer with loudspeakers

Room / space needed

The room, participants can sit at tables in groups of 4

Time frame

20 minutes