Activity 3: Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom

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Activity 3 is a reflective process in groups. It has the purpose of raising the participants’ awareness of the impact that the lingua franca context might have on teaching and learning.


Please refer to slides 16-18 of the Power Point presentation of this module.

  • Project the diagram.
  • Divide the group into two subgroups. How will these teaching and learning activities be impacted in international classrooms where students are learning and teachers are teaching in a second language? Are there any activities that will not be impacted?

Ask one group to focus on teaching activities and the other one on learning activities.

  • Debrief as a plenary.

Some of the following ideas might be raised during the plenary:

  • lecturing: lecturers might speak more slowly, stick more to the plan, stick more to their notes, cover less content, use less small talk…
  • teachers might have to make sure that everyone understands more often than they would do in other contexts and be careful when managing the group of learners that everyone’s voice can be heard.
  • assessing students’ work might be harder to do or take longer in order to separate content from language, if language is a problem.
  • giving feedback might be harder and needs to be thought through carefully.
  • students might be more reluctant to ask questions, it might take them longer to formulate questions…
  • taking notes / following lectures might be harder for students.
  • writing assignments might take students longer, reading might take them longer too. Impact on the reading list?
  • when giving oral presentations, learners might speak more slowly, be less confident.
  • interacting might be less spontaneous for learners, interactions may have to be managed carefully.

Resources needed

Power Point presentation slides 16-18

Room / space needed

The room, participants stay at their tables

Time frame

5-10 minutes approx.