Activity 4: Walk and Talk

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Activity 4 is pair work. The purposes of this activity are (i) to have participants experience the Walk & Talk method as a reflective tool; (ii) (if completing the entire EQUiiP Programme) to reflect on content covered in the Intercultural Group Dynamics module; and (iii) to relate reflections and the method to participants’ own professional context as well as to the case study they are focusing on (EQUiiP Programme).

The procedure

  • The facilitator asks participants whether they already had any experience with the method and lets some volunteers report briefly.
  • The facilitator introduces the Walk & Talk method and its benefits (slides 2 & 3).
  • Participants pair up, take a walk for 20 minutes and talk about either a designated topic or the activities they experienced in the Intercultural Group Dynamics module (if completing the entire EQUiiP Programme), which of these they found most inspiring and how they could implement these into their professional contexts (slide 4).
  • In a 10-minute debriefing with the large group, participants discuss their experience with this method, perceived pros and cons of the method, and the feasibility of implementing it in their professional contexts.

Resources needed

  1. Computer linked to a projector
  2. Activity 4 PowerPoint presentation
  3. Space (preferably outdoors) for participants to go for a walk


Approximately 35 minutes for brief facilitator input, the pair walk, and a debriefing in the large group. This is flexible and depends on how much time the facilitator wants to dedicate to each stage of the activity.

Possible variations

Walking time could be split into two time slots so that pairs can switch partners and potentially gain other insights.