Activity 1: Introduction to Feedback and Reflective Processes

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Activity 1 is a short presentation. The purposes of this activity are to (i) introduce the learning objectives of the module on feedback and reflective processes; (ii) to familiarize participants with the conceptual framework of metacognitive knowledge and how one can use reflection for competence development.


  • The facilitator presents slides to describe the concept of metacognitive reflection for competence development.
  • At slide 5, the facilitator prompts participants to discuss briefly with their neighbor about a learning experience and how it went.

Throughout the session, prompt the participants to think about the connection between their own engagement with the instruction, their own engagement and the effort they put in with regard to group learning (if it was with others), as well as their strategies with regard to the learning outcome

  • The facilitator invites some participants to share insights from the discussion and links these to the subsequent slides.

Resources needed

  1. Computer linked to projector
  2. Activity 1 Powerpoint Presentation


Approximately 20 minutes for presentation of the slides, one pair-share activity for participants, and a debriefing in the large group.

Possible Variations

In place of a teacher fronted plenary discussion with pair discussion, participants can respond to questions and prompts in writing for a learning journal.